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Conflict resolution path

Conflict resolution aims to find a compromise or reduce disagreements between individuals, groups or organizations. Each conflict is based on different interests, emotions or values, which must then be identified in order to find a constructive way to resolve these differences. Conflict resolution is not… Read More »Conflict resolution path

Gender roles in modern society

Historically, individuals gender roles have been associated with certain patterns of behavior. These roles determine how society believes individuals of a certain gender should behave, interact and play a role in different aspects of life, including family, work and the social environment. Gender roles and… Read More »Gender roles in modern society

The Matthew effect in everything

The Matthew effect, a term coined by sociologists Robert Merton and Harriet Zuckerman, involves the idea that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This effect reinforces inequalities in society. The term is inspired by the Gospel of Matthew, which states: “Whoever has… Read More »The Matthew effect in everything

Subjective beauty

Beauty is essentially a subjective appreciation of the world around us that evokes feelings of pleasure, admiration or satisfaction. Beauty is not just about physical appearance, but encompasses different aspects of human experience and expression. From a philosophical point of view, the understanding of beauty… Read More »Subjective beauty

Types of communication between people

Human communication has different ways of conveying thoughts, emotions and ideas to others. These ways can vary considerably, reflecting cultural influences, personal preferences and the context in which communication takes place. Understanding the ways of communicating is important for effective relationships as it promotes better… Read More »Types of communication between people

Human identity

A person’s identity cannot be described in a single sentence, and identity is a variable that changes over a person’s lifetime. It all starts with family influences, complemented by the cultural and social environment. As individuals pass through different stages of life, they encounter new… Read More »Human identity

External factors affecting human life

People’s daily lives are determined by a variety of external factors that are practically beyond their control. The written and unwritten rules of society determine acceptable behavior, influencing how individuals perceive themselves and others. From gender roles to career choices, these social rules shape the… Read More »External factors affecting human life