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Language for mutual understanding

Language is the cornerstone of human communication, the system of different signs and sounds that give meaning to what is said or written. Language is a tool that allows people to share thoughts, emotions and information, thus promoting mutual understanding. Language includes different forms of… Read More »Language for mutual understanding

Art as a catalyst for change

Art has no boundaries, it expresses the imaginative and technical skills of the human being, with the aim of evoking emotion or intellectual reflection. Art is the means by which people communicate, interpret and perceive the world around them. Creating art is a personal and… Read More »Art as a catalyst for change

Gender roles in modern society

Historically, individuals gender roles have been associated with certain patterns of behavior. These roles determine how society believes individuals of a certain gender should behave, interact and play a role in different aspects of life, including family, work and the social environment. Gender roles and… Read More »Gender roles in modern society

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is like a handbook to the world of emotions, helping you navigate the complex world of feelings. It starts with recognizing and understanding personal emotions. Emotional intelligence is an inner reflection on why we feel a certain way in certain situations. It is… Read More »Emotional intelligence

Jealousy as an inevitable step

Jealousy is a challenging emotion that arises in response to potential threats to a person’s well-being, especially in the area of relationships. This emotion lies behind feelings of insecurity and fear. At its core, jealousy is an inner conviction that someone else has an advantage,… Read More »Jealousy as an inevitable step

How difficult is it to forgive?

Forgiveness is not easy, it is an emotional process that needs to be improved over a lifetime. Forgiveness involves letting go of anger, resentment and the desire to take revenge on someone who has wronged you. In essence, forgiveness is an act of compassion and… Read More »How difficult is it to forgive?