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Humor as a charge of positivity

Humor is a part of human communication, which is essentially a variety of expressions ranging from light jokes to absurd stories. Humor is the ability to perceive and appreciate amusing or comical events in life, even when they are not. Humor can bring people together… Read More »Humor as a charge of positivity

Parental instinct for human existence

The parental instinct is a natural tendency that people experience when they become parents. It is a strong sense of responsibility towards one’s offspring, expressed through care and protection. This instinctive drive motivates parents to nurture and ensure the well-being of their children at different… Read More »Parental instinct for human existence

Mine and yours 7 friends

Different people come and go in our lives, many of whom we call our friends. Often we put all our friends under the same category and expect the same result from them, but that is not quite the case. Our false expectations and disappointments can… Read More »Mine and yours 7 friends

Relationships are complex – even the choice of words to describe them is a compromise

Relationships are a complex process that form bonds between individuals. A colorful spectrum of emotions, from love and joy to challenge and conflict. Relationships are essentially an art of mutual desires, needs and compromises. Relationships are multifaceted because they involve two or more unique personalities… Read More »Relationships are complex – even the choice of words to describe them is a compromise