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Drivers of human behaviour

Human experience and motivation may vary, but the following points are just some of the most important aspects that distinguish humans from animals, or the most important drivers of human behaviour. Understanding these motivations can help us to better understand our own behaviour and that of others. By cultivating these positive motivations and avoiding the harmful ones, we can strive to live happier, more fulfilling lives and create a better world for ourselves and others.

Our sense of justice can motivate us to act to challenge and change unjust systems.
Our resilience and ability to bounce back from setbacks can motivate us to learn from our mistakes and try again.
Our desire for honesty can motivate us to be open in our human relationships.
Our drive to succeed can motivate us to take risks and try new things, even when we may fail.
Our sense of morality and ethics can encourage us to take responsibility for the unintended consequences of our actions.
Our empathy and compassion for the suffering of others can spur us to act to help those in need and create a more just and equitable world.
Our sense of purpose and meaning can motivate us to prioritise our physical and mental health.
Our need to belong can motivate us to seek meaningful relationships with others.
Our desire to be accepted and valued by others can encourage us to avoid harmful behaviours such as addiction, violence or abusive behaviour towards others.
Our curiosity and desire for knowledge can motivate us to seek new experiences and perspectives, rather than remaining complacent or uninformed.

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