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Mine and yours 7 friends

Different people come and go in our lives, many of whom we call our friends. Often we put all our friends under the same category and expect the same result from them, but that is not quite the case. Our false expectations and disappointments can be avoided if we are aware of who our friend is, or which category of friend he or she is. If we know from the beginning that we cannot rely on him, it is also impossible to be disappointed when he once again fails.

1th friend – a friend from the past

A friend from the past who doesn’t appear often in our lives, but who we share many past events and memories with. Our conversations are not long, but they are always nostalgically pleasant. Entertaining conversations with schoolmates, fellow students or former colleagues. Conversations, memories that will probably never happen again with that person. Only the past connects you with this person.

2th friend – a family friend

A friend we meet only when our families meet. Conversations do not have a set topic or direction. They can be specific or very general. The peculiarity of this friend is that we do not meet him outside family meetings, and there is no desire to do so, but the conversations are smooth and relaxed. When one of these families breaks up, the bond of friendship is broken and our status is redefined to well know person not friend.

3th friend – a friend with common interests/hobbies

The friend, or more accurately friends, of a wide range of interests. We actively chat about our jointly chosen hobby and can talk about it for hours. Side topics are mentioned, but they are minor and only add to the common base of conversation. Everyone is on the same page about the common topic. Conversations about how things are going, how things are not going and other topical issues. But forget this hobby and friends will forget you. They go on talking about the hobby as if I had not taken part in it. Someone else forgets about the hobby, and he is forgotten too. And also we forget our hobby friends.

4th friend – a friend for fun and celebrating life

A friend who will always be there when a party is organised. He wants to have fun, enjoy life and think of nothing else. He is really fun to be with because he is great at celebrating life and if you have to do it with him, it will definitely work. This friend will be on the horizon as long as you are well and celebrating life. But remember, if life gets difficult, this friend will be the last one to ask for help, because he is not interested in problems, your problems are your problems.

5th friend – a friend saviour

A friend who is boring but very reliable. As opposed to the entertaining friend, this friend, as they say, “can be taken to the war”. If you have a problem, this is the friend to ask for help. He will never refuse, and you will do the same. You don’t meet often, but you always know that he exists and will not refuse to help, no matter what problems you are facing.

6th friend – a friend of a kindred spirit

A friend who is like a mirror reflection, everything you say will be heard, there will be no reproaches or reprimands. You can talk about any subject. Speak superficially or “shake the heart”. You understand each other. You may have nothing to do with each other outside the conversation, you live your own lives and are at peace with that, but you always know that there is this friend with whom you can talk about any “painful” subject and you will be listened.

7th friend – a friend oriented to growth

A friend who motivates you to grow by his/her presence and actions. All of life is a path of growth. New courses, new knowledge and new experiences. You motivate each other to go only forward. You are united by the common desire to move towards growth. No stopping! Only forward! If one of you stops and does not continue with self-growth, your friendship will dissolve, because the one who does not stop will end up on “another level”. “Only the best compete in the same arena!”

Have you ever thought about this or similar friends categorising?

Speaking of friends – knowing the result, it is not necessary to predict it!

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