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Double standards

It is not something that society thinks or talks about much on a daily basis, but the double moral standards are present every day. This manifests itself in the inconsistent application of moral principles, rules and judgements to different people or groups of people based on their social status, gender, race or other factors. Such behaviour often has a negative impact on society as a whole.

Only some of the most “popular” double standards will be considered below. Society has many of them!

Casual sex: While many people engage in casual sex without stigma, others are often shamed for their sexual behaviour and labelled as promiscuous or immoral.
Drinking alcohol: In many societies it is perfectly acceptable for adults to drink alcohol, but underage drinking is frowned upon and even illegal. However, many people start drinking before the legal drinking age and in some cultures it is often normalised.
Wealth and success: Society often praises those who achieve wealth and success, but at the same time condemns them more aggressively for the mistakes that society itself makes.
Mental health: While awareness of mental health is growing, there is still a stigma attached to seeking help for mental health problems. Many people are ashamed to admit their difficulties and seek professional help.
Dressing style: women are often judged on their clothing choices and criticised for dressing too revealingly, while men are hardly judged in this way.
Education: Higher education is recognised as prestigious in society, but vocational schools are often ranked lower, even though they are no less important for society as a whole.
Smoking: Like drinking alcohol, smoking is legal for adults, but is frowned upon because of the health risks. However, smoking is often glorified in films or TV shows, sending a contradictory message to society.

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