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Artificial reality to deceive, entertain, educate and otherwise influence our daily lives

In the age of technology, fake reality is our everyday reality. The world we perceive and experience through digital platforms such as social media or television often does not correspond to reality.

A prime example is the non-existent personas on social media platforms. These non-existent persons disseminate the opinions of other people or groups that do not reflect the true views of society. False opinions in a sea of virtual events. In the digital world, it can be difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is carefully constructed to steer the listener or reader in a particular direction.

Television shows, films and even news channels often present a distorted version of reality. This can lead to a distorted perception of the world, blurring the line between fact and fiction.

Virtual reality (an artificial three-dimensional environment that creates the illusion of reality, e.g. through 3D glasses) further blurs the boundaries between the real and the artificial. Using these technologies, people can enter simulated worlds that replicate reality or create entirely new realities. While such technologies have many practical applications, such as gaming or educational programs, it raises questions about the possible consequences of being disconnected from the real world.

Manipulated videos or images (more commonly known as Deepfake) that convincingly portray real people saying or doing things they never actually did. This technology raises concerns about the reliability of information as it becomes increasingly difficult to determine what is authentic and what is artificial.

The artificial reality raises questions about the authenticity of our experiences and the impact on our perceptions, relationships and understanding of the world.

In my view, neither a wider opening of the eyes nor the existence of critical thinking will help in the future. It sounds scary, but the invasion of technology will be inevitable.

Deception: Screenshot of a video showing a political figure making false statements.
Virtual reality: Immersed in a fantasy world, he becomes increasingly distanced from his real-life responsibilities and relationships.
Celebrity: A famous actress smiles for the cameras, her every move carefully planned. Behind the scenes, she battles insecurities and inner demons to maintain an image of perfection.
News manipulation: The editor-in-chief pushes sensational stories, distorts facts and prioritize loud headlines over responsible journalism.
Social media: The search for the perfect shot for your Instagram feed. An idyllic moment, but artificially created.

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