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The good and bad qualities of human beings

The images in this article describe common human characteristics that drive our actions and behaviour towards ourselves and others.

Good qualities include love, forgiveness, justice, courage, wisdom, humility, gratitude, kindness, creativity and empathy. These qualities reflect our capacity to be compassionate, selfless, just, courageous, wise, humble, grateful, caring, innovative and understanding of others. When we embody these qualities, we create positive consequences for ourselves and others, building a better world.

On the other hand, the qualities listed as “evil” are hate, lies, cruelty, envy, arrogance, ignorance, indifference, selfishness and pride. These qualities “live” in negative emotions such as anger, dislike of others and envy, which lead to harmful and destructive actions towards oneself and others. When we embody these qualities, we create negative consequences for ourselves and others, creating a worse world.

You are a wonderful person with unique talents that make you special. You have the power to make a positive impact on the world and people around you and I believe you will achieve your goals.

Keep up the good work!

Love: A feeling of warmth and affection towards others whose needs are considered more important than your own.
Fairness: The idea that everyone should have equal opportunity and security, based on fair and neutral treatment of others.
Courage: The ability to overcome fear and hardship by standing up for your beliefs and what is right, despite personal risk.
Forgiveness: An action that allows you to let go of anger and frustration towards the person who has wronged you.
Gratitude: A sense of gratitude and appreciation towards others.
Creativity: The ability to think outside the box, coming up with new and innovative solutions to problems.
Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of others, putting yourself in their shoes and seeing the world from their perspective.
Kindness: Being friendly, compassionate and considerate to others, spreading positivity and goodwill in the world.
Humility: Humility and respect for others, recognising one’s own inadequacies and valuing the contributions of others.
Wisdom: The ability to make good decisions based on knowledge and experience, avoiding mistakes and choosing the right path in life.
Fraud: The practice of deliberately deceiving others for personal gain.
Hate: A strong feeling of dislike and aversion towards others, often leading to violent and destructive behaviour.
Greed: Unreasonable desire for wealth and material gain, often leading to unethical and selfish behaviour.
Envy: Dislike of others who have something you want.
Evil: Inflicting pain and suffering on others, often for personal pleasure or gain.
Arrogance: The belief in one’s own superiority to others.
Not knowing: Lack of knowledge and understanding that leads to harm and negative decision-making actions.
Indifference: Unwillingness and lack of compassion for others.
Selfishness: Focusing your needs and interests on yourself.
Pride: Unjustified belief in one’s own abilities and achievements.
And finally! Focus on the moment and enjoy the journey, instead of worrying about the destination.

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