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If evolution were to go the other way

I am a dinosaur. My favourite food is greens. I belong to a group of dinosaurs known as herbivores, which means that I eat mostly plant foods. As an herbivorous dinosaur, I like to eat different types of plants, including ferns, cycads and conifers. The lush green leaves and tasty greens delight my dinosaur taste buds.

Among the wonderful plant choices, I particularly like to feast on the succulent palm leaves. The broad, fan-shaped leaves provide a refreshing crunch and a taste fascination that satisfies my herbivorous appetite. In addition, I love the succulent fruits that some trees offer, providing a delightful variety to my diet.

For herbivores like me, plant-based food sources are not only abundant but also provide essential nutrients and energy to sustain my large stature and active lifestyle. With my specialised beak and teeth for efficient processing of plant matter, I can graze the meadows all day long, enjoying the wide range of plants that the prehistoric world has to offer.

Although sometimes fruits or seeds give a sweet taste, most of my dishes consist of leaves, stems and other plant parts. I am perfectly adapted for extracting nutrients from plants, using my long neck, sharp beak and teeth to reach my food of choice, which is not available to other dinosaurs.

My favourite food is therefore the rich and diverse plant world that thrives in ancient landscapes, providing me with the food and nutrition I need to evolve as a true herbivore.

The gentle nature of herbivorous dinosaurs allows them to live peacefully with other herbivores, forming social bonds and fostering a sense of community.
By feeding their bodies on plant foods, herbivorous dinosaurs contribute to the ecological balance of their prehistoric world, taking on their role as guardians of a fragile ecosystem.
Herb-eating dinosaurs find bliss in the abundance of plants that surround them, enjoying the vibrant flavours and textures that nature has to offer.
Herb-eating dinosaurs appreciate the enchanting beauty of plants, marvelling at the intricate patterns of the leaves, the vibrant colours of the flowers and the towering grandeur of the ancient trees.
For herbivorous dinosaurs, the harmony of their diet with the natural world creates a sense of balance and connection with their existence.

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