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Health and its aspects

Health can be defined by an individual’s overall well-being, which is not only the absence of disease, but also the physical, mental and social aspects. A dynamic state of equilibrium in which body, mind and spirit are in harmony. Physical health is the foundation of… Read More »Health and its aspects

Humor as a charge of positivity

Humor is a part of human communication, which is essentially a variety of expressions ranging from light jokes to absurd stories. Humor is the ability to perceive and appreciate amusing or comical events in life, even when they are not. Humor can bring people together… Read More »Humor as a charge of positivity

Entertainment as relaxation

Entertainment is a wide range of activities designed to delight people, including by involving people in them. Entertainment is a means of relaxation, enjoyment and distraction from everyday events, i.e. a way of disconnecting the mind from the daily routine. Whether it is music, films,… Read More »Entertainment as relaxation

Digital abstinence

The world is becoming more digital every day, and the services it provides are starting to dominate our daily lives. Digital abstinence is a new concept that involves refraining from using digital devices in order to spend more time with yourself and others in the… Read More »Digital abstinence

Memories are our identity

Memories are snapshots of our lives. Moments of varying significance that make up the essence of our existence. The stories we carry with us, from childhood experiences to old age, they shape our understanding of who we are and where we come from. Memories are… Read More »Memories are our identity

Language for mutual understanding

Language is the cornerstone of human communication, the system of different signs and sounds that give meaning to what is said or written. Language is a tool that allows people to share thoughts, emotions and information, thus promoting mutual understanding. Language includes different forms of… Read More »Language for mutual understanding

Art as a catalyst for change

Art has no boundaries, it expresses the imaginative and technical skills of the human being, with the aim of evoking emotion or intellectual reflection. Art is the means by which people communicate, interpret and perceive the world around them. Creating art is a personal and… Read More »Art as a catalyst for change

Conflict resolution path

Conflict resolution aims to find a compromise or reduce disagreements between individuals, groups or organizations. Each conflict is based on different interests, emotions or values, which must then be identified in order to find a constructive way to resolve these differences. Conflict resolution is not… Read More »Conflict resolution path

Parental instinct for human existence

The parental instinct is a natural tendency that people experience when they become parents. It is a strong sense of responsibility towards one’s offspring, expressed through care and protection. This instinctive drive motivates parents to nurture and ensure the well-being of their children at different… Read More »Parental instinct for human existence