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A phenomenon that has been going on for centuries – The grass is greener elsewhere

A phenomenon common to all human beings, people say “The grass is greener elsewhere” or “Life is better elsewhere”. In the Latvian version, “Only this can happen in Latvia”, “Only this can be done by a Latvian” or other phrases of essentially narrow-minded views. Even the word “narrow-minded” may sound like an insult to some, but it is more about ignorance, the inability or unwillingness to think more broadly. A phenomenon that seems to affect people in all walks of life. Whether it is dissatisfaction with one’s country, one’s city or even one’s immediate surroundings, it is a longing for something different, something better.

We tend to idealize what is unfamiliar, ignoring the challenges and complexities that exist elsewhere. We look at other places through rose-tinted glasses, romanticizing the example we have chosen and believing that that is where true happiness lies. Our habituation to our daily routines and patterns of behavior makes us long for the change that might exist elsewhere, but not here. The call for new experiences and different cultures only reinforces the vitality of this phenomenon.

When we compare our own country or culture with others, we often make selective comparisons. We focus on the positive aspects of foreign countries, while minimizing the potentially negative aspects that people encounter in other countries. Social media, travel descriptions and media portrayals of different cultures further push us to use this phenomenon as a form of comparison.

Nostalgia is another point where this phenomenon blossoms and flourishes. As time passes, we tend to remember the positive events of the past and easily “forget” the struggles and difficulties.

While it is natural to dream and seek new experiences, it is equally important to be aware of the value and uniqueness of our surroundings. A sense of gratitude for what we have and an active exploration of the opportunities available can help us find fulfillment and satisfaction in the present moment.

A phenomenon that reveals our innate desire for exploration, change and new experiences. It is important to find a balance and appreciate the beauty and possibilities that exist in our own lives. By being aware of the present moment, we can find contentment and fulfillment without constantly striving for the unattainable perfection we imagine elsewhere.

Remember that the grass may seem greener elsewhere, but there is greater satisfaction in a patch of grass that we nurture and can safely call our own.

She spends her evenings attending cultural events and exhibitions. She is fascinated by the richness and diversity of different cultures, drawing inspiration from their traditions and art. She wants to immerse herself in these alien worlds, believing that they hold the key to the success of her creativity. She romanticizes the idea of living in a place where art and culture thrive and her creative spirit can flourish.
A man sits in his office and dreams about mundane things. He reflects on his career, his family life and the routine that has become all too familiar. He longs for a fresh start, a new beginning in another country, where he will be able to start all over again and find the fulfillment he is missing. His desire for change fuels his conviction that happiness lies elsewhere.
A girl is lying in bed looking at Instagram pictures. She sees posts from her peers who are traveling to glamorous destinations, attending exciting events and living seemingly perfect lives. She longs for the exciting adventures she believes others are having.
A man and his friends sit in a local pub. They engage in a lively discussion about politics, economics and social issues. He expresses his dissatisfaction with the state of the country, lamenting the lack of growth and opportunities. He romanticizes the idea of living in a foreign land where he thinks things would be better – a place where corruption is non-existent and the grass is greener.
A young woman sits at her desk looking at stunning travel photos. Her room is filled with maps and guides to far-flung destinations. She dreams of exploring exotic lands and cultures to escape her daily routine. Despite living in a vibrant city, she can’t shake the feeling that something more exciting awaits her elsewhere.

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